The world's first solvent-free identification technology

Thanks to REMA ID SF (Solvent Free), tires can be identified at any time from the first to the last day of use: The world's first solvent-free identification solution is vulcanized into the unmounted tire and used throughout the tire's entire life cycle. The pressure-stable RFID patch developed by REMA TIP TOP withstands temperatures of up to 160 degrees Celsius inside the tire as well as the compression, expansion and friction forces of ongoing operation. Unlike conventional barcode labels, this premium product even survives retreading and vulcanization without any problems.

Product features

Solvent-free high-tech bonding layer

SF stands for Solvent Free and describes a unique technology: The REMA ID SF patch has the industry's first high-tech bonding layer that works completely without solvents and cement. This means that no hazardous substances that are harmful to the environment or health are released during the vulcanization process.

Small device, light weight

Despite its remarkable robustness, REMA ID SF takes up very little space: thanks to its small size of just 40 x 10 x 1.2 millimeters and a weight of less than one gram, the patch does not cause any imbalance and is optimally protected in the tire at the same time.

High reading range thanks to innovative UHF technology

The premium solution REMA ID SF impresses with its long read range. This is ensured by the integrated UHF RFID transponder, which can be read from a distance of one to two meters using a RFID reader. In addition, the antennas used are designed for the special properties of rubber and tires. A line-of-sight is not needed for the scanning process. The ID is unique worldwide and therefore enables clear identification of all tires.

Innovative identification solution for tire sellers

This makes REMA ID SF an optimal solution for retreaders, tire sellers and manufacturers who want to inspire and impress their customers with innovative, future-oriented technologies. Fleet operators also benefit from RFID technology: the transponders enable easy identification of all tires and thus ensure significant time and cost savings.



Description RFID patch with REMA TIP TOP solvent-free bonding-layer; installation without cement
Main application Area: Inside the tire; industrial processes e.g. retreading
Application Method: The connection with the tire is made during a vulcanization process. To attach the patch to the tire, a pre-heating function is required (e.g.: heating box, infrared)
Packing Unit: Packed by 500 units per box
Dimensions 40 mm x 10 mm x 1.2 mm; rectangular shape
(1.58” x 0.39” x 0.05”)
Top Layer Printed with REMA TIP TOP logo, RFID logo, "REMA ID SF", 2D Barcode containing identical ID to RFID
RFID Air Protocol: EPC Gen2, ISO18000-6C, Rain RFID
Frequency: Global (865 – 928 MHz)
EPC: Pre programmed with unique 96-bit ID, identical to 2D barcode
Chip Memory: 128 bits of EPC Memory; 64 bits of user memory; 96 bits of TID incl. 48-bit Serial
Antenna: Special construction; adjusted to specific dampening of Rubber

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