Identification innovation for fitted and inflated tires

Those who want to promptly equip and optimize their vehicle fleet with REMA ID do not have to wait until the next tire change: REMA ID CV (Cold Vulc) was specially developed by REMA TIP TOP for subsequent attachment to the already mounted or inflated tire.

Product features

Attachment by self-vulcanization

The transponder, which is built into a patch, is applied to the outside of the tire by means of self-vulcanization. After 24 hours at a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, the patch has completely cured in place. The vehicle can then be used again. The benefit: No vulcanizing equipment, neither high temperatures nor pressure are required to apply REMA ID CV.

Easy tire identification

REMA ID CV lets you identify your tires at any time during operation. The REMA ID reader is available for this purpose; it can read the transponder chip from a distance of several meters.

Temperature- and pressure-stable RFID transponder

REMA ID CV doesn't need to be replaced: the innovative solution adheres firmly to the tire and is designed for the tire's entire service life cycle. Since only UV- and ozone-resistant materials are used in the production and application of our temperature- and pressure-stable RFID transponders, the product is extremely robust and virtually indestructible.

Retrofitting tires with RFID

REMA ID CV was developed specifically for fleet managers, leasing providers and tire inspectors. This future-proof innovation offers you the possibility to retrofit the tires of your vehicle fleet, wheel hotel or warehouse with RFID technology. In this way, tire identification, and therefore also fleet and inventory management, can be optimized within a short time.


Technical specifications

Description RFID patch with embedded RFID transponder; installation with cement (FD-BL)
Main application Area: Outside & inside the tire
Application Method: Applied with REMA TIP TOP cement FD-BL; self-vulcanization within 24h @ >18°C (>65°F)
Packing Unit: Packed by 50 units per box
Dimensionen 73 mm x 34 mm x 3 mm; oval shape
(2.87” x 1.34” x 0.12”)
Top Layer Black rubber, Ozone & UV resistant compound
RFID Air Protocol: EPC Gen2, ISO18000-6C, Rain RFID
Frequency: Global (865 – 928 MHz)
EPC: Pre programmed with unique 96-bit ID
Chip Memory: 128 bits EPC Memory; 64 bits od user memory; 96 bis TID incl. 48-bit Serial
Antenna: Special construction; adjusted to specific dampening of Rubber

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